A. Medicare

The NUPW Insurance Agent Inc administers the medical insurance plan of the NUPW members. The plan, mostly referred to as Medicare, was around for over 30 years and currently has Sagicor Life Inc. as its insurance provider.  The plan has two (2) benefit levels classified as NUPW Platinum-Care and Gold-Care both of which offer comprehensive major medical coverages that include compensation for a wide range of medical services that include the following:

  1. Medication,
  2. Doctor’s visit
  • Maternity
  1. International Medical Care
  2. Dental
  3. Vision
  • Life Coverage: $25,000.00

NUPW Platinum-care comes with a major medical maximum life time amount of $1,000,000.00 and carries one of the most generous health insurance benefit schedules on the local market. The maximum decreases to $500,000.00 at age 65 and continues in force until age 100.

NUPW Gold-Care comes as a low cost alternate plan to the Platinum-Care offering a lower major medical maximum of $500,000.00. The benefit schedule mirrors that of the Platinum-Care in several respects differing only in the level of benefit paid. The Gold-Care is great value for a cautious budget and is better than many other health schedules on the local market.

For a greater comparison of the benefits please see the schedules.

Whichever benefit level one chooses the NUPW through its subsidiary NUPW Insurance Agent Inc seeks to have health insurance available to its members knowing full well the importance of the product. Together both entities speak with one voice to the question why is health insurance important?

  1. It gives financial assistance to cover expenses incurred on medical services for self and family members – children, spouse
  2. It provides the ability to access appropriate and timely healthcare at crucial times when needed
  • It prevents the erosion of savings that can be used elsewhere e.g money saved for a home, education or even retirement
  1. It provides peace of mind knowing that there is a mechanism to respond to health emergencies or prolonged illness

B. Other Products

  1. Individual Life for family protection
  2. Individual Health
  • Group plans – health, life, pension for businesses and employees
  1. Auto Insurance for a wide variety of vehicles
  2. Home and Content
  3. Public Liability


  1. There are two broad categories of insurance products:

    1. Life, and
    2. General

    LIFE PRODUCTS: Life Products are sold as either

    1. Individual products, or
    2. Group products

    Individual Products: These include the following:

    1. Individual Life – Whole Life, Term Life, Endowment, Special Plans
    2. Individual Health
    3. Individual Pension and Annuity

    Group Products include:

    1. Group Life
    2. Group pension
    3. Group Health
    4. Creditor Life


    Under the General Insurance category are policy types that include

    1. Home
    2. Content
    • Auto
    1. Employers Liability
    2. Public Liability