Payment Options

Please note that there are other payment options available to you. These include:

Payments of monthly premiums can be made to our chequing account as follows

  • Number: 28307302001
  • Bank & Location: Republic Bank Barbados Limited; Broad Street.
  • Name of Account: NUPW Insurance Agent Inc.

You may wish to set up a standing order with your personal bank to have monthly automatic transfers. You would need to discuss this with your banking institution.

Surepay Electronic Bill Payment. Kindly give your Certificate Number which is located on your Medicare Card.

You may deliver your cheque ONLY to our drop box at headquarters.

Mail your cheque to our attention to: The Manager, NUPW Insurance Agent Inc., NUPW Headquarters, Dalkeith Road, St. Michael.


  1. Your claims can be submitted by scanning the claims forms and receipts to our email:  We will acknowledge receipt of your documents and forward them to Sagicor Life.
  2. You may leave your claim in our drop box at our office at NUPW headquarters.
  3. Your Sagicor group medical card facilitates electronic payment at medical service providers. Do take full advantage of this facility for instant claim settlement. Please travel with your card when seeking medical attention.
  4. Sagicor is further encouraging members to utilize its Direct Credit facility where claim payments will be made directly to your bank account. Please call us at 836-1949 or 836-1951 for guidance in setting up your Direct Credit.

 A Bank account must be provided to facilitate Direct Credit payments.

Here’s how to sign up

  1. Download our Direct Credit Authorization Forms which are  available at: and are also attached to this email for easy reference.
  1. Complete your form today and submit to

CariCare Advantage

Group Life Coverage

CariCARE Advantage is a group life plan designed to cover funeral costs and other final expenses.

On the death of the insured, the proceeds will be paid to the insured’s estate or named beneficiary.


  1. A death benefit of $15,000.00 for persons under age 66
    (See Limitations below)
  2. Accidental death and disability benefit of
    $15,000.00 for persons under age 66


  1. Persons between the ages of 18 and 59
  2. A Full member or Associate member of the NUPW


  1. The life benefit will be restricted to a refund of premium during the first two years of coverage
    except if death occurs as a result of an accident.
  2. The life benefit will be restricted to a refund of premium during the first two years of coverage
    if death occurs as a result of suicide, this limitation applies regardless of the covered individual
    being sane or insane.


The proposed rate for $15,000 in life coverage under the plan is Ten Dollars ($10).

Medicare –

Medical insurance for the members of the NUPW.

The NUPW Insurance Agent Inc administers the medical insurance plan of the NUPW members. The plan, mostly referred to as Medicare, was around for over 30 years and currently has Sagicor Life Inc. as its insurance provider.  The plan has two (2) benefit levels classified as NUPW Platinum-Care and Gold-Care both of which offer comprehensive major medical coverages that include compensation for a wide range of medical services that include the following:

  1. Medication,
  2. Doctor’s visit
  3. Maternity
  4. International Medical Care
  5. Dental                      
  6. Vision
  7. Life Coverage: $25,000.00

NUPW Platinum-Care

This plan comes with a major medical maximum life time amount of $1,000,000.00 and carries one of the most generous health insurance benefit schedules on the local market. The maximum decreases to $500,000.00 at age 65 and continues in force until age 100.

NUPW Gold-Care

This plan comes as a low cost alternate plan to the Platinum-Care offering a lower major medical maximum of $500,000.00. The benefit schedule mirrors that of the Platinum-Care in several respects differing only in the level of benefit paid. The Gold-Care is great value for a cautious budget and is better than many other health schedules on the local market.

Other Products

NUPW Insurance Agent sells all products of Sagicor Life and Sagicor General insurance companies. These include,

From the Life insurance products

      1. Individual Life for family protection
      2. Individual Health
      3. Group plans – health, life, pension for businesses and employees

From the General insurance products

    1. Auto Insurance for a wide variety of vehicles
    2. Home and Content
    3. Public Liability